Immigrating to Canada as a Psychologist – Your Complete Guide for 2022

Learn more about how you can immigrate to Canada as a psychologist. In the article below you can find all the information you need to start your application process!

15 May 2022, 10:45 am


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Canadian Immigration for Psychologists

Did you know Canada has plans to welcome over 1.2 million newcomers into the country by 2023? As you read this, the federal government is working hard on its immigration levels plan for the next few years. 

The plan will unveil the government’s intention of welcoming people like you into the country. Trained, experienced psychologists who can fill in-demand occupations as provinces are dealing with labour shortages. 

How to Immigrate to Canada as a Psychlogist?

Psychologists who are looking to create a better life for themselves and their families often consider making the move to Canada. 

If you’re considering immigrating to Canada as a psychologist, you’re in luck! 

The Canadian government has established a list of occupations that are considered to be high in demand in the country. Psychologists are broadly listed in the National Occupation Classification (NOC) under NOC 4151 and include all types of psychologists such as; educational psychologists, forensic psychologists, behavioural psychologists etc. 

The huge demand for qualified psychologists is fantastic news for individuals with experience in the field who want to move to Canada. 

Canadian Immigration for Psychologists

Immigration Programs for Psychologists

With dozens of different immigration pathways available to potential immigrants, psychologists have many options. 

A few of the most efficient and popular programs to consider are: 

Express Entry 

The Express Entry system manages applications from three main economic programs for individuals with skills and expertise in specific industries and fields. 

Applications are typically processed within six months and the process is quite simple. If you meet the eligibility criteria of the program of your choice, you need to create a profile in the system. Your profile will be given a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) based on factors like your work experience, your education, your language proficiency etc. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) holds regular rounds of invitations and the highest-ranked candidates are selected during the draws. 

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) 

Another option to consider is the PNP, it is very similar to how the Express Entry system functions except it’s province specific and typically has less competition. It’s the perfect program if you have a job lined up in a specific city or if you want to live somewhere particular. Many PNP streams are also linked to the Express Entry, further simplifying the process.

Immigration from Other English-speaking Countries 

In order to work in Canada as a psychologist, you must have the appropriate licenses, just like any other health care professionals. 

The purpose of the license is to protect the public so they know that the person they are meeting is a professional who meets all the standards of the practice. 

Psychologists who are immigrating to Canada from the United States have an easier time getting their credentials recognized due to the First Street Accord. This is a mutual recognition agreement between the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) and the American Psychological Association that views the accreditation standards and principles of both associations as being equal. 

For new immigrants coming from the United Kingdom or Australia, it’s not as simple but not very complicated either since the language and educational standards are almost the same. Since the licensing requirements vary province to province, if you’re coming from the UK or Australia, you will need to verify the licensing requirements of the province you want to settle in. 

The easiest thing to do is contact the regulatory body to find out exactly what you need. 

Work as a Psychologist in Canada

It’s no secret that psychology is one of the higher paid industries. On average, a psychologist makes well over $100,000 a year. An entry-level psychologist can start off at close to $80,000 a year

Depending on whether you work privately or publicly, your income can skyrocket to several hundred thousand dollars a year. 

If you trained as a psychologist in your country, it’s definitely worth the time and effort to get the appropriate licensing to practice in Canada because not only is a psychologist a well-respected field, but you can set yourself up with a very nice life. 

Are you Eligible For a Canadian Work Visa?

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How to find a job as a Psychologist in Canada 

Immigrating through an in-demand occupation helps facilitate the process and as a psychologist, you can start the process with or without a job offer in hand. 

Since there are licensing requirements that need to be considered, it might be a good idea to concentrate your job search in one province and follow those requirements. 

Like all jobs, online is the best place to start and most employment sites like, Indeed, or Workopolis have thousands of job opportunities for psychologists with all levels of expertise and work experience. 

LinkedIn is another great place to look for jobs and build valuable connections with recruiters or other people in your field. 

An important factor to keep in mind when submitting your application is to change your resume and cover letter according to the Canadian format. With fierce competition, you want to make sure your application stands out and that you have all your documents and credentials in order. 

Where to Find Help with Immigration?

If you’re ready to start the application process and need help figuring out which program you should apply under, speak to a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

An RCIC is very knowledgeable and they will know best which pathway can get you to Canada quickly and efficiently. They will also be able to help you figure out the complexities around your psychologist credentials and what you need to do to practice in Canada. 

The right immigration agency will even help you prepare for your interview! Don’t waste time navigating complicated forms and documents and hire an RCIC. 

Get your application started today! 

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Grace was born in Birmingham, England, and moved to Canada with her family when she was five. She graduated from the University of British Columbia in 2015 and since then she has been working as a recruitment consultant for 10+ companies. In her spare time, Grace writes about her professional experience with winning job offers for immigrants. She also shares tips about employment that could be useful for both immigrants and local job seekers.

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