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Canada2036 – Your Immigration and Visa Guide

Do you see your future in Canada? No matter where you come from or what's your status, Canada has always been a welcoming nation. With Canada's new plan to receive up to 3 million new immigrants in the next few years, your future as permanent resident in Canada might be even sooner than your think.

We've created this website to help you understand, plan and begin the journey of your life. We've been there; Our team is conceived of immigrants, sons and daughters of immigrants; all Canadians, who believe in this country. Take care of your future, today!

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Being Canadian in 2036

We have created a society where individual rights and freedoms, compassion and diversity are core to our citizenship. But underlying that idea of Canada is the promise that we all have a chance to build a better life...

Where to Move?

Montreal view

Welcome to Montreal

The second-largest city in Canada, Montreal is located in the province of Quebec. With ties to both the French and British empires, Montreal is a fully bilingual city with a fascinating origin story.  Originally...

Welcome to Calgary

Calgary is Alberta’s largest city and enjoys a lovely spot just east to these Rocky Mountains. It serves as one of the major urban centers of the southern half province of Alberta.

Welcome to Toronto

 “The city had been built by people from innumerable elsewheres. It was a chaos of cultures ordered only by its long streets. It belonged to no one and never would, or maybe it was a million cities in one, unique to...

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Working in Canada

Study in Canada

student in canada

Study in Canada

Canada is one of the first destinations that comes to mind when you think of education. This is both because of the excellent reputation the country has for accommodating foreigners, and because the nation runs one of...

Family Sponsorship

canadian family

Family Sponsorship in Canada

Living in Canada? Dreaming of getting reunited with you family? Don’t hesitate. From Sponsorship Visa to Super Visa, your family is welcomed in Canada. Here's how you do that

Parents Sponsorship in Canada

Every day people are leaving their country of origin to move to Canada. The reasons for doing so are diverse and unique to each individual. Some do so to pursue higher education or a fantastic job opportunity. Some...

Visiting Canada

Visitor Visa in Canada

Planning on visiting Canada soon? You need a Visitor Visa! This guide will help you understand how to apply for a visa, check your status and finally receive your visa. Enjoy your trip!

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