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Welcome to Canada2036.com, the first stop in your immigration journey. We’re here to help you realize your Canadian dream and to make it as easy and informative as possible.

Our website aims to be a resource not just for information, but for support. Many of our team have navigated the immigration process themselves and can guide you as you do the same.

Between a stunning natural landscape and countless career opportunities, Canada is an appealing place to live—and it just keeps getting better.

So, why Canada2036? It is estimated that by 2036, immigrants will make up 30% of the total Canadian population. As the country continues to prosper and grow, there will be greater opportunities for newcomers, and Canada is ready to welcome them.

Will you be one of them? Then let us help you get there.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower newcomers to Canada by making the path to immigration as simple and supportive as it can be. We provide valuable, accessible information that will help to make your Canadian dream a reality.

Although Canada has a reputation for being extremely welcoming to newcomers through a variety of immigration programs, the process can still be a challenge. Anyone can get tangled up and confused by immigration bureaucracy.

Stakes are high and small mistakes can cost you when it comes to moving to a new country. It’s stressful, and we’ve been there. We understand that it is crucial that everyone hoping to immigrate has access to information that is current, transparent, and based on expertise.

The idea of immigrating is most overwhelming at the very start when you don’t know what your options are or what steps you need to take. We’re here to guide you by identifying those next steps so that you can move forward and reach your goal with confidence.

Our Values

Keeping it Simple

Immigrating to a new country is far from simple, but it is also not as complicated as you think. Our goal is to provide you with accessible information that is both comprehensive and easy to understand, without the confusing jargon found on many government websites.

Helpfully Up To Date

The Canadian immigration system is always changing. We follow the official sources and keep in touch with immigration professionals to make sure our content reflects the current policies and procedures that you need to know.

Empathy and Support

Our team includes members with lived experiences of immigration, so we know what it feels like. We seek to provide you with the insights and answers we wish we had when we were planning our journey to Canada because we understand how valuable that information can be.


About our team

Some of the Canada2036 team are immigrants themselves, or the children of immigrants who settled in Canada. They truly understand the privilege they have in living in this beautiful country and are committed to sharing their experiences to help newcomers find their way to Canada from all over the world.

Everyone on our team is a Canadian who loves their country and is inspired by what it offers. By providing a firsthand look at what Canada offers, it is our hope that we can be of service to anyone wishing to immigrate.

You’re about to embark on an adventure, so let’s make it a pleasant and safe experience together!

We hope you enjoy our guide! For inquiries, questions, thoughts – drop us an email. We’re available in main(at)Canada2036.com or contact us by Phone – +1-236-617-0617

Meet Our Team


Rebecca is an editor in chief at Canada2036 & CICweekly. She arrived in Canada as an international student and fell in love with the country. Rebecca holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism and now specializes in creating impactful content for issues surrounding immigration and post landing life in Canada.


Stellan is a copywriter and second-generation Canadian based in Toronto, Canada. Descended from British and Slovenian immigrants, he is still discovering Canada for himself and is proud to call it home for its social diversity and natural beauty.


Soubhik immigrated to Canada in early 2018. A freelance writer working through different assignments and niches, he has a Majors in Economics and a legal degree from India. Currently, he is pursuing a postgraduate degree of Journalism from Langara, in the beautiful city of Vancouver.


The child of immigrant parents, I came to Canada when I was just five years old. I used to volunteer at an immigration resource centre and now work for the Canadian Federal Government. Writing is my passion and I hope my words can provide some help to a new immigrant or someone considering a move to Canada.


Sidrah is a writer and a dentist who moved to Canada in 2017. Currently, she resides in Calgary with her husband and son. Although she isn’t a big fan of frost and snowstorms, she has come to love her new hometown and poutine.


Melissa is currently living in her hometown of Toronto, Canada. Her family originates from both Poland and Scotland. She’s familiar with the immigrant experience, having lived abroad for 18 years. Melissa has a master’s degree in Immigration and Settlement which focuses on Canadian immigration.


Lauren has a degree in Psychology and Criminology. She has worked for many years in the digital industry. She lives in Cape Town, South Africa and she loves traveling. Among her favorite destinations: Canada!


Olusuyi is a passionate writer and blogger based in Toronto, Canada. When he’s not writing, he’s busy saving lives as a Pharmacist. Originally from Lagos Nigeria, He moved to Toronto a couple of years ago. For him, Toronto is the best city in the world, and Canadians are the most welcoming people on earth. He blogs at www.theperfectwriter.com.


Partnership With

Canada2036 focuses on providing its clients with relevant guides, information and resources about Canadian immigration. The website is working in partnership with Canadian news website, CICweekly as well as MapleStories Immigration Organization.

CICweekly is a Canadian news website, the site’s main purpose is to keep their readers in the loop with all kinds of news and provide them with updates on what’s happening in the immigration world.  

MapleStories Organization takes a holistic approach to Canadian immigration by assisting individuals and their families with a 3 stages process. 

All the companies are share values of honesty and integrity to forthfill there main goal, sees a future where support for new immigrants includes practical steps, resources, and networking in order to help make Canada their home.

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Our mission is to empower newcomers to Canada by making the path to immigration as simple and supportive as it can be. We provide valuable, accessible information that will help to make your Canadian dream a reality.

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