Canada is a wonderful place to raise a family, and we understand that relocating your loved ones is a challenge. Simplify the road to family sponsorship with the help of this guide—whether you need spouse sponsorship for your partner, or a super visa for parents and grandparents.

The Family Sponsorship

Spanning from one ocean to another, Canada is a vast, beautiful, amazing country with thousands of opportunities for people from all walks of life. 

Known throughout the world as one of the best countries to live in, Canada places a lot of emphasis and importance on family values and ties. 

The government recognizes and understands the difficulties and pain in leaving family behind as you search for a better life for yourself, and this is why so many policies and programs have been established with one goal in mind: to bring your family members and loved ones closer to you! 

Some of the family sponsorship programs you could be eligible for include the Family Class Sponsorship, Supervisa for parents and grandparents, Spousal Sponsorship, Parent or Grandparent Family Class and Dependent Child Sponsorship. Find out which one is right for you! 

Family Class Sponsorship

The Family Sponsorship is an umbrella term used to describe the various types of sponsorship options that are available to you should you wish to bring family or loved ones to Canada.

The Canadian Government is committed to keeping families together and reuniting them. As such the family class sponsorship program is an extremely popular and generous one. It includes a special visa called the Supervisa which facilitates the sponsorship of parents and grandparents, there is a spousal or common-law partner sponsorship option as well to name a few. 

Provided the required criterion is met, you can sponsor almost any relative related by blood or through adoption. Whether it’s a sibling, a parent, a nephew or an uncle. Keep in mind the Canadian government sets out an annual quota for the number of applicants they will accept, so if you are interested in sponsoring someone make sure you are eligible and submit an application as soon as possible. Read more about family sponsorship here.

Spousal Sponsorship

Without a doubt, spousal sponsorship is one of the more popular programs.

Many young people leave their homeland in search of a better life, leaving there special loved one. As they settle into Canada, they want nothing more than to bring that special person here to build a life together. 

In many other cases, someone who is a citizen or a permanent resident meets someone who is not. This person may be in Canada on a visitor’s visa, a student visa or a work permit. They fall in love and get married. Thankfully the spousal sponsorship program means the non resident doesn’t have to go back immediately and their spouse can sponsor them to become a permanent resident.

In short, this program ensures that spouses and common-law partners can stay together and not have to face separation and distance. Read more about spousal sponsorship here.

Sponsoring Your Parents and Grandparents

Another popular sponsorship option is sponsoring your parents so they can come live with you in Canada and become permanent residents. When children leave home and move to Canada, either to study or to work they begin to build a beautiful, successful life. It is only natural that they should want to share their success and the fulfillment of their Canadian dream with their parents and / or grandparents and in turn give them a better life. 

This program opens up at the beginning of each year for a specified time with a limited number of spots available. For this type of sponsorship you need to submit an interest to sponsor form (which is only available for a short period of time). If you are accepted you can go on to submit an application form. Read more about parents and grandparents sponsorship here.

Due to the limited availability of spots, competition can be tough. Don’t worry if you weren’t able to snag a spot, because you always have the supervisa option! 


The Supervisa is an incredible alternative to the Parent or Grandparent Family Sponsorship. Given the limited number of applications received every year, it can be difficult to get in right away but the supervisa ensures you don’t have to wait another year or more before you can bring your parents or grandparents to Canada. 

The supervisa is a simpler process which allows your parent or grandparent to enter Canada as a visitor to stay for anywhere from six months to ten years!

Another really great aspect of the supervisa is the flexibility to come in and out of Canada at will without going through the hassle of another application. 

Did you just have a baby? Is your son getting married? Are you graduating from university and want your grandparents to see you walk the stage? Consider applying for the supervisa so they can share in your joys, your celebrations and success! Read more about supervisa here.

Bottom Line

Prioritizing family values and family reunification, the Canadian government has put a lot of work and effort into establishing policies and programs which helps permanent residents and citizens do just that – reunite with their families and stay together. 

One of the toughest hurdles all new immigrants face is the fact they’ve left behind family members and loved ones back home. It can be difficult to adjust to a new life and assimilate to a new culture when you are all alone, but this does not have to be a permanent struggle. 

Depending on your situation and the situation of your family back home, you may be eligible to sponsor your parents, your spouse, a sibling, or your grandparents under the Family Class Sponsorship. The various sponsorship options within this class make it easier than ever to have family live with you in Canada! 



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