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Why Should You Hire an RCIC?


At Canada2036.com, we strive to provide you with the information you need to make your immigration to Canada a success, but we recognise that our guides can only get you so far.

We can help you understand what you need to do to secure a visa and permanent residence, but at the end of the day we cannot complete your application for you. However, we can connect you with a professional RCIC who can do exactly that.

No matter what language you speak, Canadian immigration policies and requirements can seem like a foreign language to the average person. Even if you’ve prepared yourself with plenty of research, the process is still going to be stressful, time-sensitive, and confusing, which is a perfect cocktail for making costly mistakes.

Submitting the wrong document, missing a deadline, or forgetting to provide information is often enough to delay your visa or even result in failing to qualify for it. 

Moving to a new country is a massive, life-changing decision with high stakes. You can’t afford to have things go wrong when the future of your career and family depend on the success of your visa or PR application. Enlisting the services of an approved RCIC ensures a smooth immigration process, eliminating the headache of paperwork and making your transition to Canada a success.

What is an RCIC?

It’s all in the name: a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) is a regulated and approved professional who is authorized to represent and guide you through your application for residence in Canada. Essentially, your RCIC is your personal assistant throughout the immigration process.

It is important to understand that an RCIC is not necessarily an immigration lawyer, but a highly qualified consultant who has a thorough understanding of Canada’s visa system. An RCIC can assist you in the following ways:

  • Meeting directly with Canadian Immigration authorities and your Canadian employer on your behalf 
  • Completing and submitting all paperwork for you, correctly and on time
  • Strengthening your application with a personalized immigration strategy
  • Educating you about immigration options and pathways you may not have known about
  • Keeping up to date with latest immigration policies and requirements
  • Providing expertise you can rely on by working under a strict, regulated code of conduct

Why Use an RCIC? 5 Key Reasons

Here are just 5 key reasons why hiring an RCIC is a worthwhile investment in your future.

1. They know the Canadian visa system.

It is possible to put together a Canadian visa application on your own, but with the confusing terminology, tight deadlines, and steep application fees, it is certainly not easy. 

The fact is, no amount of personal research will make you into a trained immigration expert. An RCIC understands the language of immigration, and is trained to guide you along the complex pathways of Canada’s visa system. 

2. Licensed, approved, and regulated.

Not just anyone can become an RCIC. Individuals in this profession must renew their license each year, and must keep up to date with immigration regulations, which are constantly shifting and changing.

Working as an RCIC means remaining in good standing with Canadian Immigration authorities and adhering to a strict code of conduct in order to protect the interests of clients like you. High standards in the industry ensure that you will work with a consultant who is competent, trustworthy, and who prioritizes your safety and security.

3. Craft a personalized strategy for maximized success.

An RCIC will tailor your visa application to suit your strengths and goals, and will put together a plan to give you the best chance of securing entry to Canada. You can trust them to know which immigration options best suit your needs, and may even present you with strategies you hadn’t considered.

4. They contact the Canadian Immigration Authorities and your employer on your behalf.

Getting in touch with government departments to clarify a question about your visa is never easy. An RCIC is able to clarify your questions and ensure your application meets the requirements without you getting involved, saving you the headache of discouraging phone calls and exhausting wait times, and providing you with answers from the authorities instead.

5. Take care of the paperwork for you.

There’s no need to struggle with intimidating forms and document submissions when you work with an RCIC. The Government of Canada authorises RCICs to complete your paperwork on your behalf, so you can avoid the hours of frustration you would face tackling it yourself.

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Bottom Line

Immigrating to another country is not only a major decision—it is also a lot of hard work. But putting together a successful application does not need to be a battle that you fight alone. There is no reason to risk costly mistakes when the services of an RCIC are available to help you. Hiring an approved consultant simplifies a stressful immigration process and dramatically increases the likelihood of a successful application.

Your future is important. Working closely with an RCIC is your best chance to secure the opportunities you are dreaming of in Canada—for yourself, and for your family.

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