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Great North Visa

About the Company

The Great North Visa is a solution driven company that is committed to facilitating their client’s main objective of receiving the Canadian visa they require.

They provide professional consultation, legal consultation, eligibility screenings, profile enhancement services, step by step guidance through the application process, 24/7 support and follow ups throughout. 

You can get started with Great North Visa by completing a free eligibility assessment to begin your journey to Canadian immigration:


Services Provided by Great North Visa

Business Visas: 

Business Visa Services

This visa category includes the Start-up Visa, Entrepreneur Visa and the Provincial Nominee Program, all of which are designed to enable entrepreneurs and business owners to grow their business in Canada.

Student Visa

Student Visa Services

Canada has some of the most reputable colleges and universities in the world. Apply for a student visa to enter Canada’s high-end academics, work and travel the country.

Tourist Visa

Tourist Visa Services

Are you the adventurous type? Then the tourist visa is for you! Explore the Great White North for up to 6 months with the Canada tourist visa.

Work Visas (Express Entry Program)

Work Visa Services

The Express Entry visa program includes a number of different work visas, some of which are temporary, and some can place you on track to permanent residency. Work visas allow you to legally live, work and travel in Canada.

Family Visa

Family Visa Services

Sponsor your spouse, common-law partner, parents, children or other close relatives to come live with you in Canada using the family visa (or have them sponsor you!). This sponsorship places you on track for permanent residency in Canada

RCIC Approved

With a wealth of knowledge, experience and a rich history in Canadian Immigration and citizenship law policies, Mrs. S Bello is an expert in customizing and executing strategic immigration solutions with an emphasis on Temporary Visas, educational solutions, Business Immigration and Skilled Workers.

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