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Launched in 1998, the Provincial Nominee Program provides a pathway to permanent residency for individuals who are interested in settling in a particular province or city.

Each province and territory manages their own PNP and they have their own set of criteria based on their labor needs. PNP benefits both the immigrant and the province.


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Check Our Most Popular PNP Articles

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The British Columbia PNP is an immigration program that enables graduates, foreign workers, and entrepreneurs to settle in British Columbia province permanently.


Applicants who fulfill the Manitoba PNP eligibility requirements and are nominated by the province can enjoy an easy and straightforward immigration process. This article offers a wealth of information about the MPNP to help applicants prepare their applications and examine their options.


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The Basics

What is PNP?

The PNP is an immigration stream that is to encourage immigrants to settle in various provinces across Canada. The program is also meant to help the provinces’ economic growth which depends largely on skilled and qualified people.

For immigration candidates, PNP means less competition and a better shot at becoming a permanent resident since candidates who receive a nomination from the province of their choice automatically receive 600 points on their CRS score.

Who is Eligible for PNP?

If you have the skills, education and work experience that any of Canada’s provinces or territories are looking for, you are eligible for PNP.

Since each province and territory manages its own PNP, the requirements and qualifications do vary. Once you determine which province you want to settle in, check out that province’s requirements to see if you qualify. Chances are, you will, since all skill and education levels are needed.

PNP or Express Entry - What Should I Choose?

With PNP you don’t have to choose one or the other.

Many provinces offer an Express Entry stream through their PNP. So, an applicant can have a profile in the Express Entry system while also applying through the PNP.

Those who receive a nomination also receive 600 points on their CRS. It’s a fantastic way of getting the best of worlds and increasing your odds of getting selected for permanent residency.

How to Apply for PNP?

The application process for PNP will vary depending on the province and stream you are applying to. In most cases, you will be required to apply directly through the province’s PNP system.  You can submit a paper application or do it online.

Your application will be evaluated and assessed and during rounds of invitations, candidates who best meet the province’s labor market needs will be selected for a nomination.