Reviews of Immigration Consultants for 2021

Reading reviews before working with an RCIC is an important step - you need to know that your immigration is in good hands. On this page, you may find carefully crafted reviews of the RCICs you might consider working with.

5 Sep 2021, 10:18 am

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Reviews of Immigration Consultants

Immigration fraud is one of the easiest scams to fall prey to as there are dozens of companies out there making fraudulent claims and promises. It is not uncommon for individuals to be out thousands of dollars and years behind on the immigration process.

We do not want that to happen to you. Therefore, we have done our research and summed up our findings in the reviews below.

Why Reading Reviews on Our Website?

In our reviews, we place emphasis on integrity and transparency above all else. We have a strict due diligence process to ensure the agencies and consultants we are presenting to you are authentic and legitimate.

The reviews we gather are carefully researched and curated, based on a number of authentication factors such as social media presence, conversations with the agency, the information and data available on their website and other platforms etc.

When you read a review on our website, you can rest assured that the agency in question is not a fraudulent one. The information presented is accurate and based on research and real people’s experiences. People who have been where you are right now.

We strive to give an honest review that highlights the pros and cons so you can make an informed decision suitable for your specific needs and wants.

Great North Visa Review – Recommended

Great North Visa is an immigration consultancy that focuses on helping its clients achieve their main objective of obtaining a Canadian visa. From basic eligibility assessment to preparing and executing a complete immigration strategy, GNV is your one-stop-shop for all of your immigration needs.

Read Our Great North Visa Review to Learn More.

UIS Canada Review – Recommended

UIS Canada is an immigration consultancy that provides personalized services and guidance to immigrants. They are  The immigration consultancy that maintains the highest level of customer service.

Read Our UIS Canada Review to Learn More.

Solid Visa Review – Recommended

Solid Visa is a private consultancy that assists with evaluating immigration eligibility and guiding candidates through the immigration process. This reputable firm focuses on getting clients to Canada as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Read Our Solid Visa Review to Learn More.

Global Work and Travel Review

Global Work and Travel is a full-service travel agency that offers enjoyable flights with travel insurance, adventure tours and lifetime discounts that one simply can’t turn away from! The company can also help with immigration to Canada since they work with a Working Holiday program.

Read Our Global Work and Travel Review to Learn More.

MDC Canada Review

MDC Canada is a private consultancy specializing in Canadian immigration consultations and assistance. however,  there are several negative reviews that blame the company for being unprofessional and too sales-driven.

Read our MDC Canada Review to Learn More

New World Immigration Review

New World Immigration An immigration consultancy founded in 2009 offers guidance and professional consultation to people looking to relocate abroad. They provide visa consulting services for Canada, South Africa, Australia, Europe, and more.

Read Our New World Immigration Review to Learn More.

Canada CIS Immigration Consultants Review

Canada Citizenship Immigration Services ( is a private immigration consultancy that charges high fees and has an aggressive marketing strategy.  The firm does not seem to be a high-quality or professional immigration company.

Read Our Canada CIS Immigration Consultants Review to Learn More.

Canada Abroad Review

Immigration consultancy Canada Abroad offers advice and representation to clients who want to immigrate to Canada, and they seem like a trustworthy immigration company. However, They charge high fees and focus on bringing South Africans to Canada only.  

Read Our Canada Abroad Review to Learn More.

Canada IMS Review

Canada IMS is an immigration consultancy firm that primarily specializes in assessment, rather than offering a more hands-on approach. There are better options for people in Canada who wish to immigrate and this is a Canadian immigration consultancy that is not up to our standards.

Read Our Canada IMS Review to Learn More.

Become a Canadian Review

Become a Canadian offers immigration services around the world, helping thousands of people to immigrate to Canada. The company provides enough information to get you started, but it seems to be lacking in communication and guidance for new applicants.

Read Our Become A Canadian Review to Learn More.

Canada Immigration Express Review

Canada Immigration experts are An immigration consultancy that offers professional evaluations and personal assistance to clients worldwide interested in settling in Canada. User reviews for the company are very few, suggesting that we are dealing with a low-profile immigration company.

Read Our Canada Immigration Express Review to Learn More.

PROICC Immigration Consultants Review

Canada Immigration Express is a high-priced immigration consulting company with a poor reputation lacking full transparency. Since the consultancy does not work with regulated ICCRCs, you can only get guidance and consulting from their packages.

Read Our PROICC Immigration Consultants Review to Learn More.

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