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The possibilities are endless when it comes to finding study programs in Canada for international students. Keep reading to learn more about one of Canada's best universities - Vancouver Film school.

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With several world-class universities and a standard public schooling system, Canada presents prospective students with a wide array of programs to ensure an optimum learning experience. Student grants and international scholarships are also options that can benefit students.

About Vancouver Film School

Established in the late 1980s, Vancouver Film School is a technical school located in British Colombia. The school is one of the best global film schools and prepares students for the real world by taking a practical approach in teaching.

 The Vancouver Film School offers 13 one-year courses. These courses include film production, 3D visual animation, sound design, game programming, classical animation, digital design, foundation visual art, and design. Other courses are acting for film and Television, acting essentials, animation concept art, Sound design for visual media, game design, and writing for film.

Television and games, VR/AR design and development, English for creative arts, programming for games, web, and mobile are also courses up for selection in the school.  

Study in Vancouver Film School as an International student

If you have always dreamt of a career in the entertainment and film industry, the Vancouver Film School is a fantastic option. It has consistently been ranked as one of the top international animation schools globally and faculty members often come from award-winning companies and studios.

The school has Approximately 47% of the applications accepted each year at VFS are from international students. In order to be eligible for admission, students need to read and write English at an acceptable level for their program of study. Students are required to take a test to gauge their proficiency level.

The application process has several steps. It starts with you demonstrating interest in a program at VSF and speaking with an advisor. They will get to know you and help you figure out whether you meet all the eligibility criteria and requirements.

Once everything is in order, you can work on your application. The admission fee is $100. Your advisor can help answer your questions. After everything is submitted, your advisor will call you with the final decision.

Tuition Fees and Scholarships

Like most universities, Vancouver Film School tuition fees for international students can be quite high and depending on the program can fall within a range of $10,500 to $53,250.

An additional $2,000 to $3,000 should be factored in for monthly living expenses.

Thankfully, costs can be brought down by taking advantage of one of VFS’s many scholarships for international students.

Despite the costs and competitive application process, students all over aim for a spot at VFS because of its fantastic programs. Many VFS alumni have gone on to become hugely successful artists, directors and actors.

History of Vancouver Film School

The Vancouver film school was established in 1987, starting its first lectures with a class of 12 film production students. Over the years since its inception, VFS has continued to grow into one of the top film schools in the world, achieving significant milestones year after year.

  • 1991 Vancouver film school opens the world’s first fully dedicated production and training center for new media.
  • 1997 The film school adds the largest digital paint and effects lab in Canada to its classical animation program.
  • 1999 VFS launches its writing for film and television programs. The Film school also opens three new facilities, including an expanded film center, a multi-studio acting facility, and an expanded classical animation center.
  • 2000-2003, VFS launches three new programs, thereby widening the scope of learning for its students. Although the Makeup design for film + Television was only a part-time program, it later became a full-time one year program in 2006.
  • In 2004, the film school opened its first international admissions office in Mumbai, India. In the same year, VFS launched one of the early game design programs in North America.
  • In 2006, to commiserate its 20th anniversary in 2007, the school awards over 1 million dollars in scholarships to talented new students. The VFS YouTube channel begins the same year.
Vancouver Film School for international students
  • 2007 saw the official launching of the VFS blog.
  • 2008 the school partners with YouTube to start a scholarship video.
  • In 2013, VFS opened its new Animation Campus.
  • The programming for games, web, and mobile was introduced in 2014. The year also saw the school partner with the Shanghai University to birth the Shanghai-Vancouver Film School in Shanghai.
  • VFS launched its new streamline website in 2015. A new Animation Concept Art program was also introduced to an already robust curriculum.

Today, the Vancouver Film School has become a recognized world leader in entertainment and arts education. With a very robust and engaging curriculum, offering 13 full-time programs to over 1000 students across eight campuses, VFS continues to impact positively on generations of film and art enthusiasts.

The VFS Campuses

To effectively run its programs, the Film school has eight campuses used for different functions.

198 West Hastings Street Vancouver, BC, Canada

Programs run in this Campus include Acting essentials, Acting for Film + Television, Makeup Design for Film + Television, Writing for Film, and Television. The Admissions and Administrations office can also be found on this Campus.

392 West Hastings Street Vancouver, BC, Canada

The Makeup Design for Film + Television program is run on this Campus.

400 West Hastings Street Vancouver, BC, Canada

Programs run on this school include Foundation Visual Art + Design and Sound Design for Visual Media.

420 Homer Street Vancouver, BC, Canada

The two programs run on this Campus are Digital Design and Foundation Visual Art + Design.

151 West Cordova Street Vancouver, BC, Canada

Programs run on this Campus include 3D Animation + Visual Effects, Animation Concept Art, Classical Animation, Foundation Visual Art + Design.

142 Water Street Vancouver, BC, Canada

The sole program run on this Campus is Film Production.

88 East Pender Street Vancouver, BC, Canada

The two programs on this Campus are Game Design and Programming for Games, Web + Mobile.

1248 Franklin Street Vancouver, BC, Canada

Makeup Design for Film + Television is the only program run on this Campus.

Alumni Success and Corporate Partnerships

The Vancouver Film School is one of the most prestigious schools for learning and in this regard, has produced alumni who are widely sought after for their creative skills, acting, storytelling, and so much more.

They have worked on the biggest blockbusters and have received several nominations and wins at the Oscars and Emmys. Some of the blockbuster movies which have had alumni of the School play key roles include Deadpool, Jumanji, Wonderwoman, The Walking Dead, Power Rangers, Game of Thrones, Guardians of the Galaxy, etc.

Vancouver Film School for international students

With such an impeccable standard of education, it is not a surprise that major industry players and corporate leaders have come to mutually beneficial partnerships with the Vancouver Film School. These partnerships also play pivotal roles in meeting the educational needs of students in line with preparing them for the real world.

The firms include 5 Alarm Music, Adobe Systems, Adobe Partners by Design, AutoDesk, Avid, Final Draft, HP, Long Winter Studios, Native Instruments, Perforce, and Pixologic.

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The possibilities are endless when it comes to finding study programs in Canada for international students. Keep reading to learn more about one of Canada's best universities - Vancouver Film school.


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