Work Immigration

One of the smartest things an applicant can do when applying, is have a job offer in hand.

Why? Because not only will your application be processed quicker but you’ll arrive in Canada with financial security.

Working will also help you to assimilate faster, feel included in the Canadian culture and give you a sense of community.

Work Immigration

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Check Our Most Popular Work Immigration Articles

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The Basics

What is a Skilled Worker in Canada?

The Canadian government considers an individual to be a skilled worker when they have specialized skills, qualifications, education, work experience or training in a certain trade.

The government has put together a list called the National Occupational Classification (NOC) which categorizes all the occupations that are considered to be ‘skilled’.

Skilled workers can apply through programs like the Federal Skilled Worker Program.

How Can I Get a job in Canada?

With today’s technological advancements, it’s easier than ever to get a job in Canada from anywhere in the world.

The best way of securing employment is to aim for an In-Demand occupation. Check out job boards like and or contact a recruitment agency. Find jobs that match your skills and education and apply.

Which Programs are Available for Skilled Workers?

The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score is a merit-based points system that helps the Canadian government assess and rank a candidate in the Express Entry pool. Applicants are assessed on factors such as; skills, education level, language ability, work experience and other factors.

The maximum CRS score is 1,200 points but the cut-offs for draws are much lower. The more points you get, the higher your chances of receiving an invitation.

Who is Eligible for Work in Canada?

You are eligible to work in Canada if you have a work permit. It is considered illegal to work without a work permit.

Individuals can apply for one of two types of work permits:

  • Employer specific – this permit allows you to work for a specific employer only for a set period of time.
  • Open work permit – allows you to work for any eligible employer in Canada.