Rebecca Morin

Arriving in Canada as an international student over a decade ago, Rebecca fell in love with the country and the immigration process. she channeled her years of writing and editing experience into her love for immigration.

As the Editor in Chief of Canada2036 Rebecca specialize in creating content for issues surrounding displacements, immigration, and post-landing life for newcomers.

Rebecca joined canada2036 in 2018 and soon became our leading writer, and shortly the Editor in Chief.

“I was lucky to experience the Canadian life and workforce as a student working in retail to entering the professional world and developing my career. I often draw upon my own experiences and progression in Canada, from an international student to a Permanent Resident and now Citizen.”



The University of British Columbia: Bachelor degree (2012-2016)

Simon Fraser University: Editing Certificate (2016-2017)


Past Experience

Editor @ Editors Canada (2016-2018)

Content Writer @ Editors Canada (2013-2015)

Latest posts

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