Best Job Boards in Canada (For Immigrants)

One of the easiest ways to find good employment opportunities is through job boards. These are the top 8 job boards for immigrants

1 Jun 2021, 1:28 pm


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Best Job Boards in Canada for Immigrants

One of the easiest ways to find good employment opportunities is through job boards. With the latest listings and promising packages of both niche and generic nature, job seekers can find positions tailored to their skills and experience. There’s an abundance of job boards in Canada, which is why it can be quite overwhelming to choose from so many options.

Keep reading to simplify your job hunt by knowing about the job boards in Canada, and the best ones out there.

What is a Job Board?

A job board is an online portal/website or search engine, where an employer/recruiter places advertisements for available vacancies in their company.

The listings also state the requirements and nature of work, so that job seekers can search for the ones they are eligible for and apply for exciting job opportunities through these job boards.

Job boards help streamline the process of searching and applying for job seekers, as well as the process of hiring for employers.

What to Expect from Job Boards

Job boards have a wide range of opportunities for workers. The various sectors can range from healthcare, government, entertainment, sports, restaurants, media and other industry-specific categories.

Some job boards have general listings which offer a mix of all industries to pick and choose from, whereas others are specific to one particular field of work, making a job seeker’s search all the more simple.

There are some job boards that make use of applicant tracking systems as well. This further simplifies the application process for interested candidates, and others redirect to the company’s official website to apply for a particular vacancy.

While general job boards are quite helpful for most job seekers, specialized job boards are very useful for specific sectors like non-profit, military veterans, disabilities, students, advertising, legal and finance etc.

In a nutshell, a job board will connect you to companies and employers that will help advance your career by getting a job that fits your education and experience while maximizing your chances of employment.

Best Job Boards in Canada for Immigrants

Here are some of the best job boards to find work in Canada.

Indeed Canada

Most people are already quite familiar with indeed, as it is operational in many countries. In Canada, it serves as a job aggregator – meaning that it brings multiple boards together to find different offers within the same platform.

Indeed has job listings directly from organizations and recruiters. Some employers facilitate the application process by letting you apply directly from indeed, while others redirect to the company’s website.


  • The company is owned by Recruit Holdings, a Japanese company.
  • It presents all works relevant to you in English or in French on a single platform free of charge.
  • The website allows users to write reviews regarding the whole company based on personal experiences, and even rate the company based on salary and work environment, thereby ensuring authenticity and reliability.
  • Advertisers can post job openings on the site and only pay after an ad is clicked.


  • It is the responsibility of employers to pay the fee for this service if they wish to view the resumes of candidates.


Workopolis is a general Canadian job portal that provides job listings in both English and French. Running strong for over 15 years, the job board connects countless job seekers in Canada with the job of their dreams. The website is easy to access and also recommended for people with disabilities as it provides many opportunities that can help them advance their career without discrimination.


  • Recruit holdings own the company, therefore any content published on Indeed Canada will be also be published on this website.
  • Over 30 million people visit the site every month and it is defined as a job search engine.
  • The site provides blogging tools, creates a job alert, and displays average salaries.
  • On the site, recruiters can get an estimate of the amount of exposure their job ads will get to a pool of candidates.


  • Recruiters must purchase services
  • the site does not provide telephone support,
  • A resume cannot be uploaded to the platform
  • The video tutorials and customer reviews are nonexistent.

simply Hired

Simply hired is another vertical job board where millions of jobs are just a search away. The job portal connects job seekers with great employment opportunities, and also helps with the estimation of salary and comparing different job offers.

You can also view detailed analysis and review of over a thousand careers and plot your current salary package against national and local averages. Top companies and top cities are categorized to bring you the best job options.


  • Recruit holdings own the company, therefore any content published on Indeed Canada will be also be published on this website.
  • The site defined as a job search engine and its searches covered more than 6 million jobs across 700,000 employers.


  • The site does not provide telephone support
  • A resume cannot be uploaded to the platform, you have to visit the website of the company that published the job ad
  • The video tutorials and customer reviews are nonexistent.

Canada Job Bank

Operational as a national Canadian employment service, Job Bank helps people find work and plan out a career of their dream. It started out as paper job postings pinned to notice boards but is now available online and through a mobile app to help Canadians survey the labor market and find work.

The job board simplifies the process of recruiting and hiring all over Canada. The Employment and Social Development Canada overlooks the website on behalf of the Canada Employment Insurance Commission and works in alliance with provincial and territorial governments of the country. Besides job search, it also helps with career planning, trend analysis, and exploring different fields.


  • Among the best sites offering free services and presenting both in English and French.
  • This site offers a whole range of content for the 3 million job seekers throughout all the provinces and includes disability-friendly jobs.
  • It provides recruiters with an easy-to-read list of candidates that have met the job requirements.
  • It is the official website of the government, therefore, has plenty of information on salaries, immigration policies, skills, life in Canada, taxes, and regulations, employment insurance, and grants.


  • The Canadian payroll number must be provided in order to register and enjoy the site services.
  • There is no paid or sponsored tier.
  • Its services are not available to international candidates, and CVs are sent to employers directly by email


Eluta is a competent job board managed by the top 100 employers in Canada. You’ll find more direct-employer jobs on Eluta than any other job board functional in the country. It includes jobs from the company’s websites directly. As a result, job seekers can expect to find unadvertised positions that can’t be accessed through other search engines.

This also eliminates the hassle of finding industry-specific jobs from employer websites, as the job board brings it all in one place. Besides job listing, there are independent editorial reviews that provide a thorough analysis of working for a specific employer in Canada.

There are jobs instilled with environmental values, diversity, and family-friendly packages in Canada’s Top 100 Employers project.


  • Eluta offers free services to job seekers as the search engine for Canadian jobs and is visited by more than 7 million Canadians a year therefore it is part of Canada’s Top 100 Employers project.
  • No wonder Apple, EA, and Intel are among the companies that use their site to do Canadian hiring.
  • Among its services, the site define alerts for job search engine by mail.


  • For free inclusion in Eluta’s organic results, companies must post jobs on their own website
  • There are no added features such as a resume database, employer branding services, or job tracking tools.
  • The site offers its services for recruiters for a fee.


Jobillico brings different industries and sectors together to provide job seekers with the best opportunities, as well as companies with the best talent. The job board has won the 2016 Mercuriades Award in the category of Web or Mobile Technology Development (36th addition) – one of the most celebrated business awards in the province of Quebec.

Jobillico is all about collaboration with the finest companies and recruiters out there. Various organizations working in alliance with the job portal include Centraide, Forces Avenir, and Fondation Reno-Jouets. Applicants can search for jobs based on profession or city in Canada, but the portal is most active in Toronto and Quebec.


  • There are over 2 million job seekers using this free of charge site, which is a part of the Job Bank website as a result, any job ad you place with Jobillico will also appear there, so recruiters can reach more candidates.
  • The site allows candidate to upload resume.


  • No pricing information is disclosed to employers by Jobillico

Monster Canada is one of the leading generalist career websites in Canada and internationally, and has a strong presence in Canada. is Canada’s largest general job board, serving users throughout the country. Furthermore, ads are distributed to over 1,000 job board partners so recruiters can access a variety of talent in every Canadian market.

By posting your job ad on Monster, Monster will suggest resumes that meet your criteria, helping you to find the best candidates more quickly.


  • This website serves two million visitors a month in English and French and offers free services to job seekers.
  • Among the site services it is possible to: upload a resume, a database contains resumes, Candidates receive job alert emails and the software can be accessed over the internet, by phone, or through social networks.
  • Employers can benefit from a free 7-day job posting trial


  • This site’s services are offered for a fee, all paid plans limit resume views to varying degrees.
  • Exposure enhancing syndication does not come with the Starter plan.


Jooble is another great option for landing your dream job because it can connect you to thousands of job postings, vacancies and openings at the click of a button.  

The search engine works like any other search engine, by scouring the net to gather all the data for you. 

When you search for a particular job or skill, Jooble conducts a search from all the available job posts and gives you the most relevant links. When you click on a link that interests you it will take you to the actual job site and you can proceed with submitting an application as you normally would. 

What does this mean for you? You don’t have to open thirty different tabs or navigate thirty different websites. You simply do your search on Jooble. 


  • The platform is completely free for job seekers; 
  • The search engine is available in 71 countries and 24 languages; 
  • Customizable filters allows search by city, company, skills or type of employment; 
  • Offers a “search now, get alert later” feature where you can look for a specific type of employment which may not be available right now but when something becomes available, the user will get an alert. 
  • Easy to use and navigate; 
  • Saves applicants time and energy by bringing all the information you need in one place. 


  • Advertisers will need to pay for premium traffic plans; 
  • They currently do not offer a “Chat Now” support. Customer Service can only be reached via email or an online form.

The point of Jooble is to become a one stop shop  and their goal is to help people find a jobs in an environment with barriers or discrimination, no matter where they are around the world. 

At the time of writing, Jooble has 201,700 vacancies for jobs across Canada. 

Bottom Line

Find your dream job in Canada, the land of opportunities!

As an immigrant, there are a number of job opportunities available to you under the various immigration programs such as the skilled worker program, IEC program, and many more.

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