Canada CIS Immigration Consultants in Review

Canada Citizenship Immigration Services (CIS) is a private consultancy that offers immigration services for those who want to immigrate to Canada. In the review below you may learn more about them.

About The Company

Canada Citizenship Immigration Services ( is a private consultancy that offers immigration services for those looking to immigrate to Canada. The range of services includes permanent residency, work and study permits, as well as family sponsorship and business immigration programs.

Canada CIS website


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The website is owned and operated by BGTECH EOOD, which is a private company with a registered address in Sofia, Bulgaria, and with an office in Toronto, Canada.

As always, it is important to note that Canada CIS is not affiliated with the Canadian government and cannot guarantee a visa or permit. The final decision on the matter belongs to the Canadian government.

Our Take On Canada CIS

This immigration company seems to tick all the regular boxes, without standing out in any particular area. The website offers all the information you would expect, listing the full range of visas and permits they offer assistance for, information about their legal representatives, contact details and company information, etc. 

However, Canada CIS doesn’t offer details about the experience as an immigration consultancy, other than “We provide immigration consultancy based on many years of experience”. Now, many years of experience is subjective and we would much rather want to see a launch date instead. That would allow us and everyone else to better gauge their experience as an immigration business.

Furthermore, the marketing they use is a bit over the top, but that might be just nit-picking. Anyway, we love it when companies want the best for their clients, but expressions like “reaching the stars for our clients” might be a bit farfetched. But enough nit-picking, let’s focus on their legal staff.

First up, it is important to note that persons who provide immigration assistance must be included in two categories: 1) Citizenship or immigration consultants must be members of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council. 2) Lawyers or notaries must be members of a Canadian provincial or territorial law society, or the Chambre des notaires du Québec.  

Canada CIS works with Jean-Patrice Meunier, who is a Lawyer, member of the Law Society of Ontario (LSO Number: 63777E). We have checked Mr. Meunier’s credentials on the official website of the Law Society of Ontario and we can confirm he is a member in good standing, without any disciplinary action taken against him. Besides Jean-Patrice Meunier, Canada CIS collaborates with a few other selected lawyers and licensed RCICs.

To sum it up, the Legal Department of Canada CIS looks in good order, with the proper certifications and credentials. However, we would like to know more details about their RCICs, such as names or identification numbers so we could look them up on the ICCRC website.

Apart from company information and legal details (RCICs, lawyers, etc.), it’s important to know how much the service will cost, because usually immigration consultancies are not cheap. Canada CIS offers this information: to register your application, a single candidate will have to pay 525 EUR and couples/families will have to pay 675 EUR. 

If you are eligible to continue, you will receive recommendations about the best-suited program and you will have to pay additional fees, as follows: the Federal Package starts from 3,999 EUR, the Provincial Package starts from 5,499 EUR and the Student Package starts from 3,250 EUR. It’s up to you to decide whether these fees are acceptable or not but in our opinion, they are a bit too steep.

All in all, Canada CIS looks like a professional immigration firm but not a household name or the best in class. They offer information about their main Lawyer, but not about their RCICs or other Lawyers and the fees may put a dent in your pockets.

That being said, the final decision should always belong to you, the client, after you have conducted a thorough assessment of the consulting agency. 

Services Offered by Canada CIS

Express Entry

This system was created in 2015 by the Canadian government to manage skilled workers and professionals who require immigration services. The Express Entry system is used to organize faster and more efficiently the applications for Federal Skilled Worker Class, Federal Skilled Trades Class, Canadian Experience Class, and Provincial Nominee Programs. 

Business Immigration Programs

Designed for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to immigrate to Canada, this suite of programs includes Investor Visa, Self Employed Program, Entrepreneur Visa, Business Visitor Visa, and more.

Family Sponsorship

As a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, you may be able to sponsor your spouse, partner, children, parents, and grandparents to live, work, or study in Canada. 

Study Permit

A Canadian study permit allows eligible individuals to enrol in one of Canada’s institutions of higher learning. This type of permit is valid for the duration of the studies, plus 90 days.

Other Services

Apart from the services outlined above, Canada CIS also offers English/French training courses for language exams (IELTS/TEF), travel and logistic support (into Canada), assistance to find a place to live, employment assistance, and more.

CanadaCIS Reviews

Canada CIS has several social media profiles but their following is modest compared to other, more well-established immigration consultancies. At the time of writing, their Facebook profile has 6,000 followers and about 5,500 likes, their Twitter is followed by only 33 people, their Instagram has 236 followers, and their YouTube channel has 189 subscribers.

It’s unclear when this agency was founded but their Facebook page was created in late-2019, which may be the reason for the modest following. It may also offer hints about the launch date, which was probably around the same period.

If you check the testimonials and comments available on their website, everything looks great and Canada CIS seems like the greatest immigration agency in the world. However, upon a deeper search, we’ve realized that a lot of clients are complaining about this consultancy.

Some clients have complained that Canada CIS is a fraudulent agency, while others simply say “I’ve just experienced some bad time with CanadaCIS” without providing additional details.

We have also located people complaining that after paying 540 EUR, they were asked for additional money. But as we have outlined above, Canada CIS’s website clearly states that you will have to pay additional funds after the initial fee (assuming you are eligible to continue). 

In conclusion, Canada CIS doesn’t enjoy the best reputation possible, but then again, we cannot give 100% credibility to all comments posted online. Anyway, you should use caution (as always), and you should clearly understand what you are paying for.


To get in contact with Canada CIS you can use the phone number +1-647-490-6993 and email BGTECH EOOD lists the registration and business address: 53-55 Totleben Blvd. Sofia, 1606 Bulgaria. The provided address for their Canadian bureau is: 151 Yonge Street, 11th Floor, Toronto, Ontario M5C 2W7, Canada. 

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