In-Demand Jobs for Immigrants in Canada

As more and more people choose to work and settle down in the Great White North, jobs opportunities in Canada for immigrants are also increasing. Here we tell about in-demand jobs that you might consider when planning your immigration.

Canada offers comfortable lifestyle and a wide set of immigration programs that attract people from around the world. They chase permanent residence in Canada and a job, in that scenario, can help speed up the immigration process and then adapt to a new place.

Although there might be a few hiccups along the way when finding a job in Canada as an immigrant, with the knowledge on how the job market works there you may have more chances for success.

What Do You Need to Know about Jobs in Canada?

During your job market research you may need to cover some crucial aspects of job hunting:

  • Why job offer is important for immigration? Jump there.
  • Where can immigrants find a job? Jump there.
  • How to prepare resume & cover letters? Jump there.
  • What jobs are in-demand in Canada?

To find out the answer for the latter question you may keep reading this article. We will walk you through the actual jobs and the classification used to sort jobs when related to immigration purposes.

In-Demand Jobs in Canada: Roadmap for Immigrants 

For successful job hunting it’s important to know about the high demand jobs according to your skill level.

Below we have highlighted a few niches with job opportunities for immigrants.

Tech and IT Jobs 

As the world is technologically advancing by leaps and bounds, Canada is making its mark as one of the modern and urbanised countries with continually growing IT sector. This also generates high number of job opportunities for skilled workers that belong to the Tech and IT sector.

Canada not only provides good opportunities for employment, but is also a great place to invest in and start your own business in IT.

Here is a short list of most popular in-demand jobs in Tech & IT sector:

  • database and system analysts
  • software engineers
  • administrators
  • technicians
  • IT managers
  • business intelligence analysts
  • cloud system engineers
  • full-stack developers
  • security professionals in data information and cloud system
  • web developers
  • consultants.
In-Demand Jobs for Immigrants in Canada - IT jobs

Do You Have Less Chances Than Local Candidates?

Could be quite the opposite. Immigrants are often favored by employers as they bring diversity as well as a strong workforce with creativity and innovative spirit. 

Where Tech & IT Jobs Are Most Wanted?

Different public and private firms and investors are gravitating towards particular regions of Canada, with Ontario, Alberta, Quebec and British Columbia leading in IT sectors. Toronto and Montreal is the hub of tech market in the country with immense talent and opportunities for immigrants.

Managerial and Business Development Jobs  

Management and business development jobs fall under high-skilled category, and you will find many jobs in demand in this sector that are useful for speeding up the immigration process for Canadian PR.

Here is a short list of most popular in-demand Managerial and Business Development Jobs :

  • marketing specialists
  • project managers
  • IT managers
In-Demand Jobs for Immigrants in Canada - managerial jobs

Project management is a booming field with many high-skilled workers required on an annual basis. Therefore, with the right level of education, skills and experience, one can find a large number of in-demand jobs in the category of project management for immigration. 

For management and business development, you are required to have a good insight and knowledge about the Canadian job market. The kind of business training and experience that one can get in Canada is unparalleled, as you will find a very diverse and innovative atmosphere with people from all walks of life. Not to mention, the handsome pay and PR benefits make it a very lucrative investment for business minded people and managers. 

Where Managerial & Business Development Jobs Are Most Wanted?

Managerial jobs are wanted almost all across the country. However, it is believed that there are especially many opportunities in the cities of Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. Probably, most of the jobs are concentrated in the provinces of Alberta and Manitoba.

Accounting and Finance Jobs 

The main hub of accounting and finance jobs in Canada is in the province of Ontario, but one can find work in any part of the country with the high skilled education and experience in accounting and finance sector.

In-Demand Jobs for Immigrants in Canada - finance jobs

For accountants, Canadian government requires you to have Public Accountants Council or Chartered Professional Accountants recognition/registration.

The salary packages are quite good and you enjoy a lot of benefits along with your base salary by holding the status of a Canadian PR. 

Other In-Demand Jobs 

Some other in-demand jobs for skilled workers in Canada are as follows: 

  • Service industry jobs such as waiter/server, receptionist, nurse and general labore
  • Mechanical jobs with heavy-duty/large machinery repair and maintenance in the sector of manufacturing and energy
  • Retail jobs in the sector of sales, marketing and merchandizing, which also includes store managers and administrative responsibilities.
  • Engineering sector with opportunities in electrical engineering and other fields that play a major role in the economic development of the country. 
  • Sales jobs including salespersons, associates, representatives, managers and business-minded individuals. 

NOC: A Classification that Matters for Immigration

NOC stands for Canada National Occupational Classification. It is used to classify jobs based on skill levels and nature of work that’s demanded of the employee.

This is a great tool when looking for jobs in Canada for PR, as your skill level determines your score on the point based immigration system of Express Entry. This systems is called CRS System, you may learn more about it here.

In-Demand Jobs for Immigrants in Canada

What Does the NOC Classification Have to Do with Immigration?

The Canada national occupational classification decides if you meet the eligibility criteria for a particular job type. ‘Skilled’ jobs fall under NOC Skill Type 0, A, or B. To apply for immigration as a skilled worker, one has to find their NOC code according to their job title, experience and skill level. 

There are three express entry programs that allow skilled workers and traders to immigrate to Canada as permanent residents.

Skill Type 0, A, or B is required to apply for express entry immigration. The other immigration program known as ‘Atlantic Immigration Pilot’ program requires NOC Skill Type 0, A, B or C to be eligible. 

For those with Skill Type C or D can also apply for Provincial Nominee Program, or alternatively get a closed or open work permit to hold a job in Canada for two years on temporary residence visa.

With work experience in Canada, it is easier to apply for immigration and become a PR eventually. 

The main groups according to the NOC classification are as follows:

Skill Type 0 (zero) 

NOC skill type 0 is the category used for managerial level jobs. If you have experience and expertise in management jobs, you fall under this category.

Some of the main jobs in Canada for immigrants under this skill type include mine managers, restaurant managers, project managers and shore captains in fishing sector. 

Skill Level A

Most of these jobs require a degree from a recognized institution, with at least bachelors (equivalent) or higher educational level degrees.

The professions that come under this skill level include architects, dentists, doctors, engineers and professors etc. 

Skill Level B 

This NOC Skill Level includes technical and skilled trades’ jobs. This category may require a college diploma depending on your years of experience and expertise.

However, in some cases, training and experience as an apprentice may also suffice. Jobs under this category include plumbers, chefs and electricians. 

Skill Level C

This NOC Skill Level calls out to workers who have intermediate or moderate level of skills. You might be required to have at least a high school diploma to get jobs in canada for foreigners under this skill level.

However, in some situations only job-specific training is required by employers. Jobs under this category include drivers (long-haul truck drivers and other types), food and beverage servers and industrial butchers. 

Skill Level D 

This NOC Skill Level has labor jobs that fall under low-skilled jobs in Canada for PR. An educational degree is not necessary to get these jobs, however, you are required to get on-the-job-training.

Jobs under this category include cleaning staff, fruit pickers and oil field workers. 

So, What Now?

There are a number of ways to find in-demand jobs in Canada for immigration. The first step is to make a presentable and impressive cover letter and resume to grab the attention of the recruiter.

Once you are invited for the interview, it’s important to do your research about the company so that you can convey your interest to the employer. The best platforms to find work in Canada include job boards and online portals, direct company websites, immigration agents and through personal connections/ word to mouth. 

Job hunting in any foreign country can be challenging. To ease it you may consult RCICs – immigration consultants, who have helped many immigrants settle in Canada.

To do so, you may leave your details below and you will get a call back from the professionals.

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