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Whistler has a lot to offer for those who enjoy picturesque views and a laid back life. Here you may learn what life is like in Whistler and how to immigrate there.

15 Mar 2021, 5:00 pm


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While big cosmopolitan cities of Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary have their glam and allure, nothing can beat the good old small-town charm that life in Whistler offers. Canada welcomes a large influx of immigrants every year, but only a few choose to move to Whistler. It is a municipality just north of Vancouver in British Columbia and is home to one of the largest ski resorts of North America – Whistler Blackcomb.

If you wish to have a life in Whistler and get Whistler PR, keep reading this article to know everything about Whistler immigration. 

Whistler: What Mountain Life Feels Like 

Welcome to whistler – home to premier ski resorts of the Great White North. The snowy mountains are more than just a treat for the eye. Mountains contribute towards the economy, life, social aspects and general atmosphere of the city.

Living in Whistler Canada means close proximity to ski resorts amidst breathtaking mountains. Whistler immigration is an ideal option for those who love to be close to nature and enjoy a laid back life.

As the town certainly can’t compare to the advanced cities with cut-throat competition, one can find more opportunities without having to stay on their toes the entire time. The lovely weather, natural beauty, and tons of outdoor adventure activities are just a few of the perks life in Whistler offers to its immigrants. 

Weather in Whistler 

Whistler enjoys a lovely spot in a notable rainforest region of North America. This means that it has a pleasant ‘temperate’ weather. Only with the flow of brutal cold Arctic air in January, the temperature drops down to subzero temperatures where you’ll need a few extra layers to keep you warm. 

However, this also means that it is a great time to have your snowy mountain adventures and plan that memorable ski vacation with the whole family. The remainder of winters have moderate temperature due to the town’s coastal proximity. As with all other regions of Canada, Whistler immigration also means having to endure the cold when the sky turns white.

Entertainment in Whistler

In Whistler, you’ll feel like you are always on a vacation. The mountainous life in Whistler is ideal for the free-spirited, outdoorsy, and laidback people.

As the town is one of the top tourist attractions of Canada, moving to Whistler means always being a part of big-time adventures like free concerts, blood-pumping sporting events, and unlimited ski trips.

Tourism contributes towards the economy in major ways, and the service providers in the tourism sector work very hard to offer the best of life in Whistler for all – which locals get to enjoy just as much as tourists. This not only means exciting activities, but also indulgent restaurants, a vibrant night scene with pubs and bars, over the top holiday celebrations, and exceptional recreation for the whole family. 

Whistler PR is especially great for families, as moving to Whistler ensures a healthy and active lifestyle. Mountain biking, cross country skiing, trail running, hiking, skating, snowboarding and everything in between are going to be yearly activities that will be affordable and highly enjoyable every single time. Living in Whistler Canada gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the outdoors, and the proximity to Vancouver keeps you close to all the big city amenities as well. 

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Reasons to Move to Whistler 

Whistler has a lot to offer to newcomers, with great opportunities without much competition while also encapsulating the true essence of Canada so that you don’t miss out on anything. The community is in constant need of skilled workers to strengthen the economy and develop further. The town also has a really low unemployment rate of only 4.3%. 

The living cost is also quite affordable when compared to the national average. The local economy is strong, and moving to Whistler opens up all the national benefits of life in Canada like free healthcare and education, as well as support classes for immigrants. Another factors to consider with Whistler immigration include low crime rate, safety, outdoor adventures and well-developed infrastructure. 

Where to Live in Whistler 

You really can’t go wrong when you think about where to live in Whistler. With a lot of great options at hand, anywhere is good! The lovely Alta Vista offers serene lakes and trails to give you the best of everything. You’ll find local wonders to make the town your own, like the charming lakeside park or stunning azure water beaches. Summers are great with watersports and swimming. 

The Upper Village is nestled at Blackcomb Mountain’s base, and gives you access to the mountains while also offering some peaceful alpine seclusion. It also has the best ski resorts in the area. Creekside Village offers a slow pace of living without overwhelming you with the loud outdoorsy ambiance, while the good old Whistler Village sits right at the center of everything the town has to offer. If you are still wondering where to live in whistler, settle here for the idyllic cobblestone streets lined with cafes, spas, bars, restaurants and clubs. 

Is it expensive to live in Whistler?
Whistler is a famous tourist attraction in Canada, therefore you might find it a little expensive at first. However, the average cost of living is actually lower when compared to the big cities of Canada, and with its consistently strong economy, life can be quite comfortable and enjoyable with Whistler immigration. 

Work in Whistler 

If you are a skilled worker with experience in tourism, moving to whistler is going to be a breeze, and those with families get to enjoy exciting mountain holidays right at home. The contagiously crisp and refreshing mountain air never leaves your senses, and with every commute comes endless views of striking landscapes that set the mind at ease and take away the stress of immigration and resettlement. 

The economy is strong, and while the major sector is that of tourism, one can easily land a job in their field of choice, and the community is always in need of improvement. If you meet the eligibility of the province of British Columbia, you can also get Whistler PR through provincial nominee program (PNP). 

Do you need a car in Whistler? 
The decision entirely depends on you. It is not necessary to have a car, as some of the locations like Blackcomb Village, Whistler Village and Creekside Village offer accommodations that are within walking distance to popular attractions and shuttle buses.

How to Immigrate to Whistler 

There are many ways you can go through the Whistler immigration. 

Provincial Nominee Program 

If you want to directly apply for Whistler PR, BC PNP is designed for such specific immigration pathways through a fixed set of requirements for British Columbia. BC’s new regional pilot program, skills immigration, express entry BC and entrepreneur immigration are all the PNP streams the province offers. Express Entry BC works the same way as the federal express entry. Most PNP pathways require a job offer from an authentic Canadian employer. Besides the express entry route, the other PNP programs require 6 months of stay before you get PR status in the country. 

Federal Express Entry 

The Federal Express Entry system is another way and by far the most common one for skilled, unskilled, and semi-skilled workers to immigrate. Its programs include Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program, and Canadian Experience Class. Applicants are allotted a CRS score based on their age, education, experience, language skills, and other factors, all of which can make your case stronger and increase chances of getting an invitation to apply. 

With the PR Calculator it takes just a couple of minutes to find out whether you are eligible for immigration to Canada. You may try it right now by following the link below.

Are you eligible for a Canadian Visa?

Summing Up

Living in Whistler, Canada can actually be quite exciting due to all the unique and wonderful opportunities at your disposal. Life in Whistler comes with enchanting landscapes, captivating fog-clad mountainous backdrops, quaint and peaceful pace of life, and a very colorful art scene. Maybe Whistler could be a perfect place in Canada for you. So, keep exploring, and best of luck with the immigration to the Great White North.

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