Sidrah moved to Canada from Pakistan in 2017. Currently, she resides in Calgary where fohn winds keep the frost at bay. She is a licensed dentist with a BDS degree and a passionate writer.

As an immigrant herself, Sidrah has deep insight and understanding of the various pathways and processes of Canadian immigration, as well as information about consultancies and agents. With firsthand experience of life as a migrant and exploring different aspects of immigration and living in the Great White North, she has much knowledge to share on the topic.

She is skilled at writing reviews, blogs, and guides about Canadian immigration and life in the country.

Sidrah began to work in Canada2036 in 2018 and since then she is using her individual experience to help other immigrants to start their new life in Canada.


Past Experience:

2014-2017: Writer and Editor @ Dawn Newspaper

Latest posts

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The most common way to immigrate in Canada is the Express Entry System. All applications for immigration to Canada are processed under Canadian Experience Class programs.


This guide will walk you through the process of preparing yourself for to deal with the pressures of moving abroad, dynamics of passing courses and interviews in flying colors.


Calgary is Alberta’s largest city and enjoys a lovely spot just east to these Rocky Mountains. It serves as one of the major urban centers of the southern half province of Alberta.


An Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) is an entry requirement for foreign citizens who are exempted from visa requirements and intend to travel to Canada by air. If your eTA is valid, you can fly into Canada whenever you want to and enjoy a short stay, typically up to six months.