Tech & IT Jobs for Immigrants in Canada

In this article, you’ll learn everything about IT jobs in Canada for foreigners, as well as the process of finding a job in Canada as an immigrant.

30 Aug 2021, 11:12 am


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IT jobs in canada for immigrants

As the tech world is continually advancing, IT job opportunities in Canada are also on the rise. Technologically advanced provinces and cities are making finding a job in Canada as an immigrant easier than it has ever been in the past.

Tech & IT Market in Canada 

Tech & IT is a strong job sector which is continually growing and in need of more skilled workers. The attractive packages coupled with a peaceful atmosphere and a safe environment really benefits both the employee and employer. 

Specialists that are in demand in Canada include:

  • Software Engineer
  • System Administrator
  • Developer Programmer
  • Data Analyst
  • Quality Assurance Analyst
  • IT Project Manager

What is the Best City for IT & Tech Jobs in Canada? 

Leading in safety, convenience, and advancements, these are the best cities for IT jobs in Canada for immigrants. 


IT jobs in canada for immigrants

Toronto is the business and IT hub of Canada. Most IT jobs in demand in Canada are located in the city of Toronto in Ontario. There has been a 54% increase in workforce in tech jobs in Canada.

The financial capital of the country generates a large number of IT jobs in Canada for foreigners every year. Notable companies such as Amazon, Google, Etsy, Microsoft, LG, Samsung, and Shopify have their offices in Toronto.


IT jobs in canada for immigrants

Ottawa has 10% of its workforce working in the IT and Tech sector – one of the highest percentages in North America. 


IT jobs in canada for immigrants

The oil-rich city of Calgary also offers many IT jobs in Canada for foreigners, with 40,000 technology workers employed and a high labor quality score. 


IT jobs in canada for immigrants

Vancouver not only offers excellent IT job opportunities in Canada but also has wonderful weather with scenic beauty and a mountainous backdrop. Over 75,000 tech workers belong to Vancouver with branch offices of Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon in the city.


IT jobs in canada for immigrants

The culturally vibrant city of Montreal holds a Parisian charm with French traditions and an abundance of IT jobs in Canada for immigrants. Bilingual positions are the main attraction of the city, offering some of the best IT jobs opportunities in Canada.

Quebec City 

IT jobs in canada for immigrants

Nothing beats the distinctive charm and natural beauty of Quebec. Pair it with a strong economy and an array of IT job opportunities in Canada, it is a wonderful destination for immigrants with 4.1% growth in the last two years. 

Immigration Options for Tech & IT Specialists

There are many immigration options for Tech and IT specialists, depending on your skill level in the Canada national occupational classification (NOC). Here is the most popular pathway of immigration for IT and tech specialists. 

What is the most common immigration path?

Express entry is by far the most common pathway of immigration for skilled workers to gain entry and settle in the country. FSWC can help you fast track your immigration and move to Canada within 6 months depending on your level of skill, education, age, language proficiency, and experience. 

Do you want to settle in any exact province?

Then you may learn more about PNP programs. They are designed to make immigration to specific provinces easier.

The IT hubs of Canada (such as Toronto, Montreal, and Calgary) invite a large influx of immigrants to apply for permanent residency every year through their provinces’ PNP programs. British Columbia and Ontario actively look for tech workers through their PNP streams. 

Do you want to work for a while before deciding to immigrate?

Then Canadian Experience Class Program could be an option for you.

This is a great option for young people belonging to the approved countries for IEC working holiday program. You can find a great number of IT jobs in demand in Canada while working on an open work permit. 

Any other programs to explore?

The Global Talent Stream program is running strong since 2017. Skilled workers can find a lot of jobs in demand in Canada for immigration, especially in the tech sector. The program has work permit applications that are processed in less than two weeks.

In this article you may find more information about job hunting in Canada.

Why Choose Canada for a Career in IT?

IT jobs in canada for immigrants

Immigrating to the Great White North comes with a wide array of benefits, but IT and tech belong to the category of jobs in demand in Canada, therefore the benefits are greater too.

Employers are always willing to give perks and benefits beyond the base salary. The basic benefits that come with IT jobs in Canada for foreigners include universal health and dental care, social activities, paid yearly vacations and holidays, wellness and health benefits, gadgets like laptops and phones provided by the company, paid meals, and the opportunity to advance in your IT career. 

All of these benefits come in addition to the fair market salary. Another great thing about IT jobs in Canada for immigrants is that it’s an in-demand sector so that skilled workers can have their pick of an employer that suits them well.

Not sure how to start job hunting?

Finding a job in a foreign country could be challenging even if it is in demand like those of an IT niche. It could be easier to consult professionals at the beginning of your job hunting process. RCIC can tell you more about the Canadian job market and they also have contacts of Canadian employers.

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Finding a job in Canada as an immigrant is easier than ever. With increasing economic demands and broadening horizons, you’ll find a variety of jobs available. Here we tell more about how to find a job and why it is important if you want to immigrate.

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