Jobs for Immigrants in Canada: Managers Wanted

There are many job opportunities for immigrants inn Canada. Especially, managers are in high demand. Keep reading this article to find out how to find a job in Canada if you have managerial experience.

1 Sep 2021, 2:06 pm


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management jobs in canada for immigrants

As an immigrant, you will find a variety of management jobs in Canada. Managers belong to the high-skilled level jobs that are often in demand.

In this article, you will learn everything about the marketing jobs for immigrants, as well as project management, HR, and accounting jobs, and their demand according to the National Occupation Classification (NOC)

What Managers Are In Demand In Canada?

There are many jobs in demand in Canada on a managerial level. Here are the top-ranking positions. 

Marketing Jobs in Canada for Immigrants 

Marketing agencies offer competent packages and incentives for marketing specialists along with the base salary, the entry-level salary being $35,000. 

However, to stand out, one needs to make sure that their CV shines through to employers. Some of the best marketing companies include Randstad Canada, Smart Savvy & Associates, and IQ Partners. 

Where are marketing specialists most wanted?

For those looking for marketing jobs in Canada for immigrants, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver are the cities that will make your dream come true. There are many companies and marketing agencies located in these cities that offer marketing jobs in Canada for immigrants.

HR Jobs in Canada for Immigrants 

HR managers are also in high demand in the Canadian workplace. If you are looking for one, you will find a wide array of challenges that are both competitive and rewarding. Most HR jobs entail screening, training, orientation, payroll, policies, recruitment, employer and employee relations, conflict resolutions, and benefits. 

However, the main responsibility of an HR manager is to enhance employee experience in a workplace.

What provinces in Canada could be most attractive for HR specialists?

Most HR jobs in Canada for immigrants are concentrated in British Columbia, Quebec, Manitoba and New Brunswick. If you are wondering how much does an HR specialist make in Canada, the average salary is $77,900.

Project Management Jobs in Canada for Immigrants 

Project management jobs in Canada for immigrants require highly skilled workers that have good knowledge about the Canadian job market. If you are wondering how much does a project manager make in Canada, the average salary ranges from $77,000 to $135,000. However, it depends on their business experience and training, but rest assured that project management jobs in Canada for immigrants pay a handsome amount. 

Where project managers can easily find a job?

Project management jobs are mainly concentrated in the provinces of Manitoba and Alberta.

management jobs in canada for immigrants

Accounting Jobs in Canada for Foreigners 

Finance and accounting jobs in Canada for foreigners are mainly concentrated in Ontario. However, it is a high-skilled level job and one can easily secure a good position in any province or territory for accounting jobs in Canada for foreigners with the right experience and skills.

Those who wish to apply for accounting jobs in Canada for foreigners need Chartered Processional Accountants or Public Accountants Council’s recognition. 

If you are wondering how much do accountants make in Canada, the average salary is $57,500. This is a great salary to start a new life with your family, but the level of education and years of experience also affect the salary.

Immigration Options for Accounting and Finance Specialists 

The main pathways of immigration for accounting jobs in Canada for immigrants are as follows. 

  • Express EntryFederal Skilled Worker Class is a straightforward and easy way to apply for immigration.
  • Provincial Nominee Program has many immigration pathways for skilled workers to apply directly to a particular province or territory. 
  • Intra-Company Transfers allow employees to relocate to Canada, given that the company has a branch or affiliate in the country. 
  • International Experience Canada (IEC) is a wonderful opportunity for the youth belonging to the 30 approved countries for this program. Applicants can work on open work permit and pave their way to permanent residency. 

Benefits for Managers in Canada

There are many benefits of moving to Canada on a managerial skill level. The top reason why people apply for manager-level jobs in Canada is to get the Canadian PR. As these positions are high in demand, you can easily move to the country via express entry or provincial nominee program. 

The PR and citizenship benefits include universal healthcare and insurance, safety, inclusion, thriving in a multicultural and diverse community and job security. Managers also enjoy a number of incentives and bonuses on top of their base salaries, and the attractive salary packages allow them to make a new home in the great white north with the people they love. 

Management: How to Find a Job as an Immigrant

The main pathway of finding a job in management as an immigrant is via online job portals. There are many job boards with authentic job offers from Canadian employers. You can also directly contact the company through their official website, or try to get a job through personal contacts. 

In this article you may find more information about job hunting in Canada.

One of the most efficient ways to plan your career in Canada may start with consulting an RCIC. As immigration professionals, they may have contacts with Canadian employers.

You may get your free consultation with an RCIC after filling in the form below.

Jobs for Managers in Canada: Frequently Asked Questions 

How To Get A Job In Canada For New immigrants?

Immigrants can apply for jobs via online portals, job boards, direct company websites, or personal contacts. 

How Much Do Marketers Make In Canada?

Entry-level marketing jobs pay approximately $35,000, while mid to high positions pay upwards of $70,000. 

How Much Does An HR Specialist Make In Canada?

The average salary for HR specialists is $77,900.

How Much Does A Project Manager Make In Canada?

The average salary for a project manager in Canada is $90,000. 

How Much Do Accountants Make In Canada?

The average salary for accountants is $57,500.

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