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Canada Immigration vs US Immigration: Why Canada?

In 2017, a CNN report was entitled “No, Americans aren’t actually flocking to Canada in droves,” after the election of current President Donald Trump. Though many said they’d probably emigrate northward to Canada should he win, the numbers aren’t living up to expectations.

Yes, more people than ever are heading to Canada from the U.S. and specific counts indicates that since the election, around 2k more are becoming Canadian citizens. It is what one Canadian news outlet called a “modest uptick” in migration?

Yet, it does beg the question: In a comparison of the U.S. against Canada, which would win?

The numbers give a fairly solid answer: Canada.

Why? There are many reasons, and all are well worth a closer examination.

An Insider’s Opinion

“Before anyone assumes that I fled the United States due to the recent political strife, I’ve been gone for a decade. I left for love in 2008, right as the world was falling off a precipice due to the financial crisis. Initially, the plan was to stay for a year or two, but the longer I stayed, the deeper my roots here grew, and the more the US feels like a place to which I can never return.”

Kimberly Banks

Gentler and More Accessible Politics 

Canada is led by a prime minister and political parties vary a bit more widely (four to America’s two, in addition to many smaller parties). 

Healthier Work-Life Balance

Americans tend to work more than many other nations, while Canada’s work-life balance is often compared to that of many European nations. There are half-hour breaks every five hours and vacations are far more regulated and generous. For example, the average Canadian worker gets two weeks of paid holiday after a year of employment. After five years, they are given three weeks of paid vacation. The United States does not have any mandated vacation policies.

Pro-Environmental Programs and Policies

From drinking milk in bags to heavily investing in alternative and renewable energies, Canadians are far more environmentally friendly than their neighbors to the south.

Better Infrastructure (Including Trans-Continental train travel)

The last train that travels from one coast to the other in North America exists only in Canada, and while that is itself a reason to pay a visit, it is important to note the government’s dedication to infrastructure in general. Anyone considering relocating and settling in Canada should be glad to know about the government’s “Investing in Canada” plan. 

According to its official website, this is a plan that sees “the Government of Canada is making historic new investments in infrastructure – more than doubling existing funding – to build the cities of the 21st century and provide communities across the country with the tools they need to prosper and innovate.

The Investing in Canada plan is based on three key objectives:

  • Create long-term economic growth
  • Support a low carbon, green economy
  • Build inclusive communities

To do this, the federal government is investing more than $180 billion over 12 years in five main infrastructure priorities.”

These priorities include going green, public transit, trade and transportation, social infrastructure, and rural and northern communities. 

America’s government has indicated a desire to target and improve infrastructure, but has yet to enact plans to make any substantial improvements.

Excellent Health Care and Education

Many people are opting to get student visas in Canada as phase-one of their path to citizenship. This is because Canada has excellent colleges and universities, they have the largest number of adults pursuing degrees, and the job pool for those with bachelor’s degrees or higher is enormous and growing. 

Additionally, the Canadian educational system eliminates the “Middle School” period from fifth to eight grade, and by doing so enables motivated students to complete high school by grade eleven and enter college a year earlier than American students.

Then there is the publicly-funded health care system that is the envy of many around the globe. It has universal coverage for essential services and all citizens obtain high quality care regardless of their ability to pay.

Stricter Gun Laws

Many people (both native and foreign born) dislike the loose gun laws and amount of gun and violent crimes that occur within the United States. America has around 30 gun-related deaths per million citizens every year. In Canada, this figure is markedly smaller and barely reaches five gun related deaths per million people. 

While there are guns available, the amount of violence is decidedly nominal when compared to that of the rate of gun violence throughout America.

Food and Culture 

Poutine, French and English speaking cities, and a strong UK and European background make Canada a great place for anyone interested in food and culture from outside of their own. The pro-immigration mindset throughout most of Canada also nurtured this growth and today around 1/5 of the population is foreign-born, which also plays a role in the unique cultural experience of life in Canada. The city of Toronto is probably the most ethnocultural city in Canada.

More Welcoming Immigration Laws 

Canada’s government is actually investing in and promoting immigration. The goal is to bring in more than 300k in 2019 and increase that number each year after. The programs focus on economic and business development, but it is not all about temporary working visas as much as it is “new Canadians” and permanent residents. There are government-backed programs to help those who intend to seek citizenship, and the entire system is reformed and improved on a regular basis.

In fact, there are many pathways to becoming a citizen or simply enjoying a temporary stay in Canada. There are three main pathways – economic, business, and relational. Within each are many opportunities, with several serving as fast and easy stepping stones to permanent residency or citizenship in Canada. With its excellent healthcare, investment in economic and business development, and its many open pathways to entering Canada and working, studying, or becoming a citizen, it makes sense to consider it as a potential home.

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Canada2036 Staff

Canada2036 Staff

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