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Have you ever reflected on coming to Canada to travel, study, or work? It's easier than you thought. Take a look at the steps you need to make and immigrating to Canada might be easier and quicker than you thought!

26 Nov 2021, 11:20 am


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Young Explorers in Canada

An explanation of what you would need if you plan on travelling, studying or working in Canada. In this article, you will find every visa available to you in order for ‘young explorers’ who have wanderlust, to have a successful experience!

One of the best things about being a young adult is that life stretches out in front of you filled with a world of possibilities. 

It is therefore not a surprise that ‘young explorers’, typically individuals between the ages of 18 to 30, have wanderlust.  

Young Explorers in Canada

For these young explorers who are itching to travel, explore new places, or even test the waters for the future, the Canadian government offers two fantastic programs. 

Let’s take a quick look at what they are: 

Working Holiday Visa (WHV) 

This is an absolutely amazing program and one that every young explorer should take advantage of. 

How so?

It offers the individual a once in a lifetime opportunity to live in Canada for a period of one to two years, while, working in the country!  

Who can apply for the program? 

Because the WHV is an adventurous program, it is designed for young adults between the ages of 18 and 35. Check yout eligibility for Working Holiday Visa!

Canada has agreements in place with several dozen countries around the world for this program. As long as your country participates in the program and you meet the age requirement, you are good to go! 

Wondering why you should apply for this visa? The better question is, why would you not apply?  

What it allows you to do, is:

  • Gather valuable work experience in Canada (which you can then use to apply for Canadian immigration); 
  • Discover Canada in a unique way; 
  • Meet people, have fun; 
  • Make memories; 

Another thing to keep in mind is that aside from the cost of the application and your plane ticket, there is very little financial investment required for the WHV. It has never been easier to travel and work in Canada. Read all the information you need to know, and start your WHV process today.   

Because you’ll be working, you’ll have financial stability and a source of income in Canada. 

The program is also an incredibly flexible one, after a few months in Canada if you decide this is not for you, you can simply go home. Of course, an RCIC can help you make this process much easier.

There is no commitment, no strings. 

For the young explorer who is not yet ready to settle down in their life or the young adult who is trying to map out their future, it’s the perfect way to have fun, experience the Canadian life and figure out whether Canada is the country for you! 

Ready to get started? Read the incredible story of Henry and find out how to start!. 

Student Visa 

The Student Visa program is a popular choice amongst young explorers who have always dreamed of getting a Canadian education. 

Who can apply for a student visa? 

Anyone! From anywhere in the world. 

The ideal eligibility age for a student visa is between the ages of 18 and 35.

As long as you get admitted into a program from a Canadian educational institution and meet the additional criteria and requirements, you will have no problems getting approved for a student visa. You can become a Canadian student is 5 simple steps, check how!

Why is Canada such a popular destination for young explorers pursuing higher studies? 

Because Canada is known for its world-class education. One that is respected and recognized globally. A Canadian degree or diploma can open up doors for you anywhere in the world. You can enjoy the all worlds, Studying and traveling in Canada.

Wondering why you should apply for a student visa?

Studying in Canada as an international student is not cheap and it’s definitely an expensive option compared to the WHV. But it’s an investment worth making and one that you’ll see returns on for the rest of your life. You can always hire an RCIC that will help you get all the required documents to get your working holiday visa, so you can travel without any worries.

In order to help offset some of the costs, the Canadian government and educational institutions offer many bursaries, scholarships and financial aid to international students. Some student visas even allow you to work while studying! 

So if studying in Canada is something you’ve always wanted, there are plenty of available options. 

To get some more details on what’s required for a student visa, check your opptions and start your visa process

Enjoy the Journey

You’ll only be a young explorer for a very brief period in your life, so make it count and don’t miss out on opportunities that can lead to a brilliant future. With the Working Holiday Visa and the Student Visa, Canada makes it easy to live out your dreams, don’t let them slip away. 

To make sure you prepared everything accordingly we recommend consulting a professional – an RCIC. With consultants, chances for a smooth experience are definitely higher!

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The child of immigrant parents, I came to Canada when I was just five years old. I used to volunteer at an immigration resource centre and now work for the Canadian Federal Government. Writing is my passion and I hope my words can provide some help to a new immigrant or someone considering a move to Canada.

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