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Permanent Residency in Canada

Canadian Permanent Residency (PR) is a status granted to individuals as a right to work and live in Canada without any time limit. Permanent residents enjoy almost the same benefits as Canadian citizens, including health care, studies and job opportunities. PR card is attainted via immigration to Canada, and the permanent resident status can be […]

Canada Start-Up Visa Program

Canada has been voted as the 3rd-most startup-friendly country in the world by CEOWorld Magazine. The ease of doing business, availability of resources, a growing economy, and liveability make Canada among the best destinations to settle and work. And most likely many entrepreneurs around the world are wondering how to get Canadian residency by investment. And the Start-Up […]

What is the Canadian Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)?

You know which Canadian province you wish to call home, now it’s just a matter of getting there. If so, the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) could be for you. Canadian provinces use the Provincial Nominee Program or PNP to choose immigrants who are suited for their economy and labor market. This guide is designed to […]