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Great. let’s start with something simple. How old are you, USERNAME?
Is your first language English or French?

To be eligible for Express Entry, you must prove your English or French language ability, Canada's official languages.

Got it. Please rate your English proficiency

None / CLB 7
★ ★
Basic / CLB 7
★ ★ ★
Intermediate / CLB 8
★ ★ ★ ★
Fluent / CLB 9

The Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) are the national standards used in Canada for describing, measuring and recognizing the English-language proficiency of adult immigrants and prospective immigrants for living and working in Canada.

Got it. Please rate your French proficiency

None / CLB 7
★ ★
Basic / CLB 7
★ ★ ★
Intermediate / CLB 8
★ ★ ★ ★
Fluent / CLB 9

The Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) are the national standards used in Canada for describing, measuring and recognizing the English-language proficiency of adult immigrants and prospective immigrants for living and working in Canada.

Do you also speak French?
Parlez-vous aussi français?
Do you also speak English?
Great, let’s keep going. What is your level of education?
Let’s move on to your work. How many years of work experience do you have?

The National Occupational Classification (NOC) is Canada’s national system for describing occupations. You can search the NOC to find where an occupation is classified or to learn about its main duties, educational requirements or other useful information.

Do you have a job offer from a Canadian employer?

Arranged employment is defined as a valid job offer that is permanent and is supported by a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from a Canadian employer. You'll need to provide start date, employer name and address, LMIA number and NOC code related to the job

Last question about work, I promise. What’s your annual income?
Let’s finish with a few more quick questions. Please answer Yes or No:
Do you have a spouse or common law partner?
Does your spouse speak either English or French?
Has your spouse studied in Canada?
Has your spouse worked in Canada?
Did you know? With the current rate of Canada’s immigration, nearly half the population will be immigrants or the children of immigrants by 2036.
Do you have an offer of employment arranged in Canada?
Do you have Canadian education?
Default description
Do you have any Canadian work experience?
Do you have family members who reside in Canada?

Adaptability factor for candidates that have family members living in Canada, such as parents; grandparents; child; a grandchild; sibling; aunt or uncle; and niece or nephew.

And we’re done! Let’s get some calculations done.
Sit tight while we calculate your score...
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Your Next Steps
Express Entry is Canada’s most popular immigration program and it is also the quickest path to permanent residency. Candidates who meet all the criteria can receive their PR in just a few months.

Find out if you're eligible

Use our Eligibility Calculator to discover if you’re eligible for Canada’s main immigration program - Express Entry

Get your documents ready

To prove your eligibility to the Canadian government, you are required to submit several documents related to your work, education, health, and more. Begin gathering these documents now, as they can take time to receive.

Submit your profile

If your profile information receives an eligible score, you will be accepted into the pool of Express Entry candidates. Invitations to apply are sent out each week, so be patient and keep an eye on your inbox.

Receive an invitation

Once you are invited to apply, simply gather and submit the additional documents on time. Wait a few months for everything to be processed, and then you’ll be a Canadian permanent resident!

Determine your CRS score

The CRS is a tool used by the Canadian government to determine eligibility for Express Entry candidates. Our calculator is a simpler version and is designed to give you a quick, general idea of whether or not you may be eligible.

We strongly recommend using an approved consultant to help you complete your profile, as well as to gather and double-check your docs. You can be banned from applying for PR for up to 5 years if you misrepresent yourself in your application, so you cannot afford to make mistakes!
Why Do I Need an Immigration Consultant?

Our CRS Calculator is a fantastic start, but we aren’t the experts! Our goal is to give you a general idea of your eligibility and then connect you with immigration agents who can tell you more by completing a formal assessment.

A proper assessment can only be completed by a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC). We can connect you with an RCIC who will provide the professional advice needed to improve your chances for a Canadian visa.

So, what can you expect? You’ll be contacted by a professional who will research the best visa options for you and complete the required documentation on your behalf. If you’re serious about moving to Canada, hiring an RCIC is a stress-free guarantee that you will submit the strongest application possible.

Stress-Free Immigration

Complete CRS Assessment

RCICs are qualified to perform a CRS Assessment that will set you on course to get a Canadian visa that fits your credentials, needs, and abilities.

Job Hunt

Stressed about finding a job? Don’t worry. Your RCIC can work with you to secure an offer of employment before you even arrive in Canada.


RCICs must keep up with constantly changing regulations and remain in good standing with Canadian immigration authorities. You can be sure you’re in good hands.

Help with documents

RCICs can work with you to understand confusing immigration forms, and even complete them on your behalf.

Explore your options

Your agent will craft a personalized strategy that gives you the best chance at visa approval.

Good to know

Canadian visas open the doors to career and study opportunities, as well as the freedom to travel and explore the Great White North. You may open a business, enjoy good health care, and an overall high standard of life.

The Great North Visa immigration consultants will guide you throughout the visa application process, from the very start to the final submission. Our team provides both personal and legal consultation services.

Great North Visa works exclusively with fully authorized, regulated Canadian immigration advisers. Great North Visa is certified by the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Authority (ICCRC).

Any Questions
We’re happy to help! Get in touch with us or check out our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more.

Who is the Eligibility Calculator for?

Our Eligibility Calculator is for anyone who wants to immigrate to Canada through the Express Entry Program, but may be overwhelmed by complicated government websites and immigration jargon.

We offer a more accessible, faster version of the official CRS questionnaire to provide an estimate of your score and connect you with an approved immigration consultant who can help you target areas for improvement.

Our goal is to bring you another step closer to your future in Canada, and provide you with the support you need to get there.

Our Core Algorithm

Our Eligibility Calculator uses an algorithm based on 2 variables:

  • Our team’s experience and knowledge of eligibility assessments for those curious about the immigration process
  • The official CRS criteria used by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to assess and score each candidate’s Express Entry profile, and to rank the candidate against others in the pool

After Calculating Your Eligibility Score

Calculating your Eligibility Score is only the first step toward Canadian immigration. With a minimum of 67 points, you’ll be able to submit your profile to the Express Entry program.

With the estimated score from our tool, you will have a clearer idea of whether or not you qualify as a candidate, and will have the opportunity to connect with one of our immigration partners. We strongly recommend hiring an approved Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) to calculate your CRS score and assist you with your Express Entry application.